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Scrum® is an agile methodology to execute complex projects. Scrum® is a good fit for projects in which the customer does not exactly know what the final product should look like, for example when developing an application. By delivering in components as developed in short sprints, flexibility in the development can be achieved. Based upon changing business demand during a project, requirements for coming sprints can be adjusted accordingly and the product can evolve to the best suitable solution.

Scrum® works with short time frames, sprints, in which releasable parts of the end product are developed and demonstrated to end users, based upon a requirements list (Product Backlog Items, PBI) that has been composed upfront. Such PBI’s are defined based upon user stories. The requirements are prioritized and can be adjusted and re-prioritized during the project. Scrum® defines a number of roles a development team exists of; this team will work autonomous, with one of the roles acting as the link between business and the team.

Part of the training is a Lego game, through which one will experience the way Scrum® works in practice in an interactive way.

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  • Knowledge of the Scrum® theory
  • Apply Scrum® in a project team
  • Optional: get ABC Scum Master® certified

Target audience

The training aims at anyone who wants to get more in debt knowledge of Scrum®, like Scrum team members or people who cooperate with Scrum teams. The methodology can be applied to many types of projects, also outside IT.

Group size

We aim for 8-15 participants per training. Our experience shows that the interaction and involvement with this number of the participants is optimal.


  • 1 day (8 hours) training
  • 0,5 days (4 hours) exam preparation (optional)
  • In Dutch or English

  Course material

  • Scrum® guide
  • Slide-pack
  • Sample exam
  • Exercises


  • ABC Scrum Master® Certification
  • Online or paper
  • English
  • 50 multiple-choice questions
  • 60 minutes duration


On request.


This training is part of ‘’PPPM trainings’’. Other related trainings are: Agile Change Agent®, AgilePM®, AgileBA®, Management of Portfolios®, PRINCE2® en Stakeholder Engagement.

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