Zestgroup is a consultancy and project agency, specialised in improving business processes. Whether it is the optimization of your current business processes or the transition to a new organizational structure; you´ve found a partner in us!

Improving and helping companies and organizations is in our DNA. Our consultants´ core competence is to make clear-cut analyses of organizations, systems and processes and implementing improvements in a decisive and joyful way. We aim to exceed our clients´ expectations with superior tangible results and demonstrable added value.

As a knowledge and project partner, Zestgroup works hard with over 100 consultants committed to various assignments for companies ranging from small and medium-sized to large and leading.

We help our customers through our in-depth knowledge of the many different industries we operate in. In-depth knowledge means we know all the ins and outs: how decisions are made and what the wider issues in your field are. That is how we make the difference. Because in a competitive environment, distinctions are usually small and the devil is in the details.

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Doing the same thing, but better each time around, is not always the right solution. Our consultants go further than that. We often make a difference by realizing and continuously developing new and innovative business models; innovation is only innovation if it is actually realized and you reap the benefits. Zestgroup has developed products that help our clients with transitioning and implementing new earning- and business models.

In addition to that, our consultants are continuously trained by our own certified trainers. This secures the knowledge and skills of our consultants towards our clients. And it guarantees the quality and holistic approach needed to add value to your organization.

Naturally, we realize that certificates are not the Holy Grail; the challenges your organization faces are not theoretical, but everyday reality. We select consultants who understand and know how to handle this: good communicators that respectfully connect people and make sure every one is aligned to the same business objective.

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