Agile Game Eneco Consumers

The event

Eneco is going through a transition in which Agile is given a more prominent role in project delivery.

Why Zest?

Because of Eneco´s positive experiences with Zest, I asked them to come up with an idea to make the transition to Agile more tangible and specific. Their proposal: an Agile Game. Sure it sounded nice, but would it really help? Zest was confident it would, so we decided to take the plunge.

My experience

So far, Zest has provided an Agile Game for Eneco twice. The game was part of a management session both times. We started out with a successful session with 15 IT-managers. The next challenge was to create the same learning effect for 60 MT-members and the board, exciting times for both Eneco and Zest! Once again, Zest managed to surprise us. What a great experience!

We were confronted with our current way of working in a playful manner. But we were also made aware of the strength of our team. Open communication, clear agreements, keeping each other focused and, most of all, making sure to pursue joy and fulfillment in whatever it is that you do. The game was designed to provide insight into when you need to be directive and when you can let go. This will help us to successfully run through our transition. Our expectations have certainly been met!

Joeri Kamp
CIO Eneco

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