Westland Infra/ Juva – Customized dose change


Westland Infra / Juva is a network manager of gas and electricity in Westland and Central Delfland.


Westland is a small company who felt the need to work in an Agile way, because of outside pressure. They felt they were lagging, but had no problems with the way they were working. Because of the lack of commitment due to this Agile was a term used, but not practiced.

Goal and Approach

We started at Westland Infra/ Juva by helping them understand the differences, explained the real possibilities and also the challenges Agile brings. From there we took it one small step at a time, giving everyone the ability to adopt the new way of working. Once we had a small enthusiastic team this worked as a magnet for other teams. We started very hands-on, doing most the work ourselves and by slowly but decisively giving the responsibilities to others Westland slowly transformed. The Agile way of working and the transition to the Agile way of working wasn’t a program or project, that would never fit in a company like Westland. The gradual adaptation was the key to our and their success.


At Westland Infra / Juva, and all other clients of Zestgroup, one of the most key features for success was adopting a way of working that fitted the company, at the pace they could handle. Making sure everyone felt they could leave feedback and the teams would respond to this feedback were key in making the transformations successful.

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