Agile Business Analyst® – Foundation

Realizing company goals in an Agile way of working

A business analyst supports organizations in realizing company goals by analyzing business needs. He operates on different levels within an organization, looking at vision, mission and strategy and makes sure that programs and projects at tactical and operational level add to the realization of those.

The business analyst understands the “bigger picture”, end-to-end processes and the value chain as a whole. He has a holistic view on the business, meaning that he looks at organization, people, processes and technology. Technology is just one of the factors that adds value to the development of an effective and efficient business operation, fitting within vision and mission of a company and the tactical and strategical interpretation of those.

A holistic view is important for business analysts in general, but in particular for Agile business analysts who work in Agile projects, in which change is delivered incrementally. Those separate increments have to add value to a coherent change coming from programs and projects, adding to company goals. The business analyst understands the business organization in which changes have to be implemented and the organizational changes that could be a consequence of this.

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  • You play a central role in sucessful Agile projects
  • You can apply techniques and best practices that contribute to effective business analysis in Agile projects
  • You can assist a team to transition from a traditional way of working to an Agile one

Target audience

The AgileBA® training aims at anyone who wants to know how business analysis is applied in a Agile environment, sush as business analysts, Agile team members, Product Owners of managers. The training gives insights in roles ans responsibilities of a business analyst within an Agile project, but also how a business analyst relaties a project to an organization ans its vision, mission and strategy. For this training is AgilePM® certification required.

Group size

We aim for 8-15 participants per training. Our experience shows that the interaction and involvement with this number of the participants is optimal.


  • 3 days of 6 hours training
  • In Dutch or English
  • Preparation for training
  • During the 3rd day of training the exam date will be planned

  Course material

  • AgileBA® Handbook
  • Slide-pack
  • Voorbeeldexamen
  • Oefeningen

Exam format

  • English
  • 50 multiple choice questions
  • 40 minutes duration


On request.

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