The professionals of Zest Utilities are active in the sectors energy & water

Zest´s consultants have been involved in the development and implementation of processes and legislation of the Dutch Utilities market since the privatization of the sector for consumers in 2004. Operating both in the market (e.g. with energy suppliers and grid operators) and market wide, (e.g. with facilitating organizations, such as EDSN) we have gained expertise and experience. Because of our involvement in developments since the beginning, Zest has built up a unique position in the Utilities market, and have served our clients for over 10 years. In 2017 Zestgroup continues to contribute to the Energy Transition by implementing change in the area of organization, processes, data and systems: Executing the Energy Transition.

De Energy Transition has really become a hot topic in the Utilities field. All the stakeholders, such as the government, energy infrastructure coordinators, commercial players in the market, have ideas about what the Energy Transition will mean for them. However, most of the ideas are limited to clean and sustainable energy generation. Zestgroup takes it further and makes the Energy Transition tangible and clear.

How do we transform our energy sector?

To realize the Energy Transition Zestgroup identifies four main themes:

  1. The shift to renewable energy
  2. Smart Utilities and innovative storage technology
  3. Big Data (Information as an extra asset), Internet of Things & Data Security
  4. Legislation and regulation

The shift to renewables is aimed at minimalizing or eliminating our carbon footprint. This will eventually lead to a marginal electricity cost of €0,00. Smart Utilities and innovative storage technologies are about adapting the infrastructure because value is created by transferring energy between supply and demand as efficiently as possible. The purpose of Information and Data Security is to transmit energy in a smart, reliable and efficient way. Finally, legislation & regulations and a market model are needed to facilitate an integrated approach and take away obstacles for the energy transition.

One of Zestgroup´s goals is to formulate an accurate description of the difference between current and future data and processes in the new Energy Transition Market Model.

Zestgroup and the Energy Transition

Zestgroup does not cling to the status quo and we like to be disruptive. We strive to break the status quo by translating the four main themes of the Energy Transition to impact on daily operations for market players and streamline the implementations required. Next to these we want to contribute to realising the supporting market model.

Helping companies improve is in our DNA. Our consultants’ core competence is to clearly, decisively and enthusiastically make organizations, their systems and their processes better. And we effectively implement multidisciplinary project- and program management.

Zest has started consulting trajectories for young organizations and running projects that want to make use of a professional team of consultants around the Energy Transition. Read more about this.

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