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Vopak N.V. (Dutch: Koninklijke Vopak) is a Dutch multinational company that stores and handles various oil, chemicals, edible oils and natural gas-related products


Vopak specializes in the storage and transshipment of liquid gaseous chemical and oil products. Operational processes must run optimally and in accordance with legislation and regulations, which goes through various applications. All must be properly tested to avoid dangerous situations. ZESTer Sharon van Meteren works as a tester at Vopak.


A European convention has been drawn up for the transport of dangerous goods by road; ADR (Accord européen relatif au transport international des marchandises Dangereuses par Route). All ADR legislation and regulations are integrated into the Vopak system. For instance: the weight of the truck and the maximum amount of liquid that is allowed to transport according to ADR. All licenses, volumes, temperatures of the product and maximum weight per truck (which vary per country) are recorded in the system. Everything in the software has been thoroughly tested and adjusted for ease of use. This guarantees the safe transport of dangerous goods.


Anytime VOPAK is going to transport dangerous goods, the system clearly indicates the maximum amount per truck. All systems communicate with each other; this prevents information loss. The user interface is user-friendly, which minimizes errors. All software has been extensively tested and adjusted where necessary. VOPAK is ready for transport according to ADR regulations.
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"Never thought I’d be testing so much. Very cool to see how the system has now been put into use!"
Sharon van Meteren

Tester, Vopak

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