Business and IT working together

Management consultancy with implementation of the Agile/Scrum method

This project is a perfect example of the combination Zest Energy Excellence with Zest Project Excellence.


An energy supplier


After a period of strong market growth this energy supplier has been faced with the challenge to keep up with their growth. The number of employees has increased exponentially compared to the growth in the number of customers. The increased complexity reveals limitations of the current ICT systems and processes. In order for the organization to function effectively and to provide the right information, the IT Demand and Supply model needs to be professionalized. Currently the business has little to no insight into the delivery dates and the changes that IT is making. It is also unclear how the priorities within IT align with the strategy of the company. In the organizations’ innovative and customer-oriented culture, there is a need for clear alignment between the IT projects/changes and the organizational strategy. This allows the business to focus and to know where the IT organization sets its priorities.


Zestgroup focusses in transforming the organization to a professional “IT demand organization”. For this, process owners are designated, the various delivery times in projects defined and working with a product backlog is implemented. Business analysts and process owners fill the backlog. A strategic change board manages and prioritizes the backlog. In the IT organization a division is made between management/operation and development. The backlog determines the priorities. Planning and delivery of functionalities is done via Agile/Scrum. Every two weeks, a sprint is delivered with a demo of the delivered items.


The IT delivery is better planned and more in line with the organization's strategy. The results are satisfying and the IT organization now handles the maintenance tasks. Sprint demos provide insight into the delivery of functionalities and have proven their value. The business side of the organization sees that IT projects are evaluated based on the strategy, which creates more support for the IT projects.

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