Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR Mission Zestgroup

Organizations always have to be able to adapt to an increasingly complex world. Together with our customers, we implement the necessary change in the most effective way. In our service provision we make a direct or indirect contribution to the necessary CO2 reduction and the resulting energy transition for network managers, energy suppliers, industry, and procurement processes. We also provide a minimum CO2 footprint in this implementation.

CSR Vision Zestgroup

Consultancy requires a lot from our employees, not least by traveling to the location(s) of the client who are usually not next door. By developing knowledge about the choices that are necessary in the energy transition, and by creating a conscious balance between work, location and transport at the micro-level itself, we want to limit the burden on the environment and we also want to create a healthy work-life balance for our employees.

CSR Policy Zestgroup

Zestgroup encourages sustainable and responsible entrepreneurship. Below is an overview of our initiatives:

  • When booking locations for meetings, outings, etc., we ensure that we choose a location that, like us, considers sustainability to be important.
  • We stimulate working at home by making good and useful digital applications available to our employees.
  • When placing our employees on an assignment, we take into account the place of residence of the employee so that the CO2 emissions remain limited.
  • Almost nothing is printed at Zest, we mostly work paperless; digital is a mindset within Zestgroup.
  • Invoices, letters go 99% digitally from and to the customer, suppliers and employees.
  • We encourage the use of public transport to / from the customer, and have included provisions for this in our employment contracts to facilitate this choice.
  • Our office is easily accessible by public transport.
  • There is a double charging station at our office to facilitate employees with hybrids or BEVs during meetings or trainings at the office.
  • Gifts for employees or relations always have a CSR character.
  • We don’t unnecessary throw away left over food from lunches or dinners. We check each day who is in the office and buy it. If we have too many food left, we give it to employees.
  • Healthy food is important to us. We ensure healthy and varied lunches; dinner is provided by a permanent caterer (restaurant).
  • We separate waste at the office.
  • Our employees consist of a diverse group; diversity in terms of age, cultural background, nationality, gender.
  • At Zest we find it important that employees feel at home. Our family culture, the low threshold and the short lines within our company stimulate this. In addition, we have a sounding board group within Zest and there are coaches that employees can contact.

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