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We focus on your business and help you achieve the benefits behind user stories and epics. Every (IT) organization is working on transitioning to, or further professionalizing their Agile way of working. SCRUM is the first step most cases. SCRUM is a simple, but efficient solution for issues involving communication and coordination between development teams and originators. Even though the theory behind SCRUM may be simple, proper execution and obtaining the advantages in terms of flexibility, speed and quality often prove to be a challenge.

Our consultants are certified and continuously trained by our own Zest Academy. They coach each other on the job to ensure the fulfillment of business goals. This has resulted in our unique Agile Coach approach and in our Scrum masters´ special style of organizing retrospectives and refinement sessions. Every day we are driven to get the best for our clients. Naturally, we realize that certificates are not the Holy Grail: the challenges your organization faces are not theoretical, but daily reality. We select consultants with the skills to understand people, connect them and respect them. Our consultants make sure every one on the floor is aligned to pursue the same objectives.

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