Procurement & Contracting

The Zest Purchasing unit is characterized as the leading specialist in both Project Procurement (CAPEX) and NPR Category Management Technology (MRO).

Zest Purchasing has delivered real added value for all its clients, both nationally and internationally. We do this by applying our knowledge, sector-wide experience together with a hands-on mentality.

We have already made a real difference in the industries of Utilities, Pharmaceutics, Food & Beverage, Chemicals, Oil & Gas, Maritime, Heavy Industry and Health/Nutrition.

CAPEX Purchasing

Added value in CAPEX projects is realized by successful execution of both the purchasing and the contract management role. Zest Purchasing develops an excellent contracting strategy but does not stop there. We also realize successful tender trajectories and contract negotiations. We manage risks by mapping them beforehand and controlling them in our role of contract- and claim manager.

CAPEX Platform

Zest Purchasing initiated the successful CAPEX Platform Netherlands. Many multinationals are involved in this platform that is aimed at knowledge exchange and development in the area of CAPEX Purchasing.

In addition to this, Zest Purchasing has started the Platform Project Procurement & Contracting Management in Jakarta.

Technical purchasing

Zest Purchasing has developed an impressive track record in the optimization of technical purchasing. We improve our clients´ systems and processes with a realized out-of-pocket cost reduction. Our game changer “Purchasing Combination New Style” can make a difference for you too!

What can our consultants do for you?

We recruit our professionals meticulously and we want you to experience the same chemistry. We make sure we find the consultants to match your needs at the time you need them. Our assessments and toolbox will make your procurement more professional, we are at your service.


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