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Date of last change: 22 May 2018

This website is operated by Zestgroup BV, based in IJsselstein, also on behalf of Zest Utilities BV, Zest Industries BV, Zest Purchasing BV and Zest Academy BV, collectively referred to as ‘Zestgroup’.

Zestgroup and Personal Data

Zestgroup is very serious about the protection of personal data. We have used the General Data Protection Regulation to further tighten data protection and data security. The new European legislation has a place in our internal procedures, in the training of employees and in the organization of processes, systems and relevant (internal) documentation.

Website visiting and data Process

Through the website, you can provide us personal information on your own initiative. Zestgroup collects these data solely in order to meet your individual request. Your personal information is voluntarily  provided to Zestgroup.

It is possible to send e-mails via the website of Zestgroup. The messages sent in this way include your name, your e-mail address and your telephone number, as well as any additional information that you include in the message. If you send us a request or comments via e-mail, Zestgroup may process the aforementioned information to, for example, contact you in order to answer your e-mail.

Because Zestgroup also uses its website as a recruitment tool, you can send your curriculum vitae to one of our employees during a visit to the website. The information provided by you for this purpose is exclusively used by Zestgroup:

  • For recruitment and selection purposes within Zestgroup
  • For communication purposes; for example, to make an appointment if Zestgroup wants to invite you for an introduction or job interview

We do not ask for demographic information such as gender and profession, but you will be given the opportunity to provide such information in an online application.

Special personal data

Zestgroup does not ask for special personal data via the website. Special personal data are, for example, data on race or ethnic group, political preference, membership of a trade union, physical or mental health, sexual preferences, or criminal data. We do not advise you to provide this type of special personal data. If you nevertheless wish to do so, for whatever reason, we assume that you expressly authorize Zestgroup to process this information.


Zestgroup uses Google Analytics; an analytical cookie that measures and records website visits. The retention period for this is 2 years. Zestgroup uses this data only for optimizing the website.

Third parties

Your personal data will be treated confidentially by Zestgroup and will not be used for any other purpose or be provided to third parties, unless Zestgroup is legally obliged to do so.

The Zestgroup website is not used to collect or compile personal data with the purpose of distributing them externally, to use them for sales activities and/ or to provide mailings for third parties.

Zestgroup has included links to third party websites. If you go to another website via such a link, you should realize that the privacy statement of Zestgroup no longer applies there. It may happen that these third parties or others collect information about you on these websites. Zestgroup is not responsible for the content of these websites nor for the actions of these third parties and others. We advise you to read the privacy statement of these websites before providing (personal) data.

Storage of data

Zestgroup does not store your personal data longer than necessary for the realization of the aforementioned purposes for the processing of your personal data, unless these data are necessary for the fulfillment of a statutory retention obligation, or (if this is longer) until the retention period on the grounds of applicable code of conduct and professional rules has expired.


You have the right to inspect the personal data that Zestgroup processes from you. At your request, Zestgroup will, if possible, remove your personal data from the current operational systems.

Zestgroup accepts the responsibility to carefully record personal data after it has been checked for accuracy. Zestgroup does not accept responsibility for the topicality of once provided personal data. If possible, Zestgroup will, after informing you that certain personal information collected on the website is no longer correct, adapt this data to new data that we receive from you.


Zestgroup has implemented generally accepted technological procedures and security guidelines to prevent personal data from being lost, misused, destroyed or unintentionally altered. All Zestgroup employees must comply with these security regulations that apply to the entire organization. Personal data are only accessible to authorized employees of Zestgroup, and these employees have committed themselves to guarantee the confidentiality of this information.

Exercising Rights Ask

Questions about your use of this website, about the access and accuracy of information that you previously communicated to Zestgroup via the website or requests to have outdated information removed, can be directed to Zestgroup BV, department Marketing and Communication, PO Box 294, 3400 AG IJsselstein.

If you have any questions about this Privacy Statement, you can address your question to Zestgroup BV, Marketing and Communication, PO Box 294, 3400 AG IJsselstein.

Changes Privacy Statement

Zestgroup reserves the right to make changes to this Privacy Statement. It is advisable to consult this Privacy Statement regularly so that you are aware of these changes. The date of the last change is mentioned at the beginning of this Privacy Statement.

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