Agile Game Eneco Consumers

Agile Game Eneco Consumers

The Justification.

Eneco Consumenten is currently undergoing a transition in which Agile will play a prominent role in project delivery.

Why Zest?
I asked Zest to some up with a way to make the transition more ‘tangible’  and ‘specific’, because of the positive experiences we have had with them in the past.

The proposition: an Agile Game.

Sounds great, but is that going to help us?

Zest was convinced it would, and we took the plunge.

My experience 

Zest has organized the Agile Game twice for Eneco. Both occasions were part of a management session. The first was for 15 IT managers and now we are facing the challenge to re-create the same learning experience for 60 members of the MT and management board.

This is exciting for both Eneco and Zest.

Zest surprised us one again. It was a fantastic experience!

We were confronted with our current way-of-working in a playful manner, but also alerted to the power of our team. Open communication, clear agreements, keeping each other alert, helping each other and especially ensuring that we do not forget the importance of having fun with what you do.

The design of the game has given us insights that we must take into account and others that we can let go. This will definitely help us to successfully complete our transformation.

Our expectations have certainly been achieved!

Joeri Kamp
CIO Eneco

Date:25 Apr, 2017