Unique opportunities for the energy transition

Have you started an initiative or project linked to the energy transition and do you want to profit from our professional knowledge and skills?

There is a lot of optimism centered around initiatives around the energy transition. This is something we are very enthusiastic about! But at the same time, we see some starting organizations in need of expert advice. That´s why Zestgroup is willing to share its knowledge of the energy market and its skills to successfully complete projects.

Advice from our professional team

Zestgroup offers pro bono advice to starting projects and organizations. Now you can benefit from the knowledge and skills of a professional team of consultants. This is how we tangibly help new initiatives to make the next step in the energy transition, amongst others by providing Energy Transition Training.

Ready for the next step?

Zestgroup´s invitation to you

Do you have a project or initiative linked to the energy transition? Have you reached the first milestones, but need some help in determining the follow-up phase? Let us know and contact us personally, so we can find out together what Zestgroup can do for you. If there is a match, Zestgroup will be committed to setting your initiative off in the right direction.

Make the energy transition happen!

Enthusiastic, motivated or interested? Contact us:

Henry Heine | Principal Consultant Zest Utilities
h.heine@zestgroup.nl | 0640162889
John Starrenburg | Managing Director Zest Utilities
j.starrenburg@zestgroup.nl | 0622910531

Who are we and what can we do for you?

The Energy Transition has really become a hot topic in the Utility field. All stakeholders, such as the government, energy infrastructure coordinators, commercial players in the market, have ideas about what the Energy Transition means for them. However, most of the ideas are limited to clean and sustainable energy generation. Zestgroup takes it further and makes the Energy Transition tangible and clear, simply by doing, together with you!

In 2017 Zestgroup contributes to the Energy Transition by implementing change in the area of legislation and regulations, market structure, organization, processes, data, and systems: Executing the Energy Transition!

Want to know more?

More information, contact, apply; we'd love to hear from you!