Over the years, Zestgroup has built a portfolio that we´re proud of.

Some examples of the projects we´re proud of include:

Deployment Management System

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Initially, if the way forward is not clear, we start out with an analysis and concept phase that answers questions such as:

  • Where are we today?
  • Where do we want to go?
  • What´s in it for us?
  • How do we get there?
  • How do we get everyone on board?

After a thorough analysis, we cooperate with your company´s employees to realize organizational solutions and optimization of business processes. IT tooling and information are often essential to the solution.

We apply methods that fit the issue in hand. This may be different from case to case. The Agile / Scrum method, for instance, is ideal for delivering quick, qualitative functionalities in situations that require real results even when a lot of the details are still unknown.

Results often come from close collaboration with technology- and chain partners. Zestgroup is independent and has an in-depth knowledge of the sector. Therefore, we are exceptionally capable of selecting the right technologies and project partners for your situation. That is how business benefits are realized.

Our experience with projects is that often most attention is focussed on managing the hard aspects. This leaves the people- and organization side underexposed. We believe that a collaborative approach, where people are taken into account from the start, is the best way to provide an embedded and sustainable solution.

This is how we contribute to the realization of your desired business benefits, based on your business case.

> Uitrol Management Systeem

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> Besparing door inkoop

> Agile game

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