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Agile software development

By organizing assessments, workshops, training and coaching in the field of Agile, Scrum and SAFe, Zestgroup has been involved in the change of the organization from traditional Waterfall to Agile with Scrum and SAFe as basic frameworks.

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Implementation and acceptation

A change process within an organization to the Agile way of working. Teams were trained in a practical and playful way through the Agile game and scrum teams were coached. In the meantime the transformation has been successful and the organization is working completely Agile!

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Agile game as a motivator

The Agile game is used as a motivator for change, but is certainly also a hands-on and low-profile way of introducing the Agile way of working and what the impact is on a team and for the organization.

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Customized dose change

How does a change land best within a company; from a standard process / project approach or is a dosed customized approach the key to success? You have to deal with a certain culture, rules, processes, working methods and of course the most important thing: people.

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Better collaboration between departments

The Scrum framework was introduced whereby collaboration within the process is improved through continuous coordination between content between teams and the product owner. The Agile method has now landed within the teams and is being further refined.

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Flexible, agile and fast

Started with an Agile transformation and meanwhile – through various training courses, workshops, coaching and support from Zest – Agile working has been fully introduced with an IT organization that supports the business with great passion and enthusiasm.

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In addition to Agile / Scrum projects, we naturally also carry out projects based on other methodologies. Depending on the needs of the customer, the wishes for the future and what fits a corporate culture, we determine the desired approach together.

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