Vopak – Agile software development


Vopak is the world’s largest independent service provider in tank storage, specializing in the storage and handling of liquid bulk chemicals, gases and oil products.


Vopak decided to replace the solutions that currently exist with modern and sustainable solutions, to achieve a more effective and efficient service delivery process, together with improved logistical and IT demands and wishes.  Vopak decided to use a customized approach to the processes ´Order to Cash´ and ´Arrival to Departure´, using OutSystems as a new platform, Agile as a philosophy and Scrum and SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework) as basic frameworks.


Taking into account the wide range of experience in the field of Agile transitions, Agile Project Management, SAFe Program Management, Agile, Scrum and SAFe training and because of the wide range of experience in the logistical and chemical field, Zestgroup was asked by Vopak to support in four areas:

  • Support in the transition from a traditional Waterfall to Agile / Scrum / SAFe
  • Training and coaching in the field of Scrum and SAFe framework
  • Agile Project Management of the ´Order to Cash´ project
  • Support for the wider expansion of the PMO to support the program and its related projects.


Zestgroup has been involved in the organizational change from a traditional Waterfall to Agile, with Scrum and SAFe as basic frameworks by organizing assessments, workshops and training, together with the Global IT and Project Management, at the start of the Agile program within Global IT. Later, during the actual program and project execution, Zestgroup assisted through training and coaching in the area of Agile, Scrum and SAFe.

By executing Agile Project Management for the ´Order to Cash´ project and the support in the expansion of the PMO at program and project level, Zestgroup has been involved in the actual execution and partly involved in the Agile program and project design, again with Scrum and SAFe as the basic frameworks.


The first deliverables of the aforementioned projects have been provided. Agile, with Scrum and SAFe as basic frameworks, has been broadly adopted and the first benefits have been realized. The program and project organization, just like the PMO, have been set up. The next steps in further Agile maturity growth have been defined and are currently being implemented.

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